011: Activate Your Spiritual Imagination And Choose To Be A Peacemaker

When so many around you are feeling highly anxious, how can you find a calm place from which you can choose to be a peacemaker?  This week, I’m in dialogue with Marty Troyer, known by many in Houston, Texas as the peace-pastor.  Join us as we talk about how to activate spiritual imagination, change the widespread belief in violence as an effective mechanism for positive change, and work where you are to bring sustainable peace.

Marty Troyer has been the pastor of Houston Mennonite Church since November 2008. Marty writes a weekly blog for the Houston Chronicle and is very active pursuing what he calls “ministries of justice” in the Houston Region and in the State of Texas.  Marty is married and has three kids (described on the church website) as amazing as your three kids, or any three kids you can think of. He’s pretty sure there isn’t anything better in life than parenting with his best friend in the whole world!  

Prior to ministering in Houston, Marty was a youth pastor for 9 years in Kansas and Oregon. He earned an Associate’s degree from Hesston College, a Bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College, and his Master’s degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He loves preaching, encouraging people to become what they were created to be, and dreaming about what Houston could look like if we truly worked to make God’s “kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

His first book, The Gospel Next Door, was published in June 2016.