014: Through My Neighbor’s Eyes – with Will Forsythe

For a person to step into the shoes of another to see a different perspective on issues that really matter requires courage. Even more courage is required for a person to draw members of a group he or she leads to see themselves through the eyes of others who their group has at times marginalized.  Today’s guest, Will Forsythe, is that kind of courageous convener.  He’s the young pastor of All Souls Church in Boulder and I invite you to hear the story of how Will gave the members of his congregation the opportunity to see the world, faith, and power through eyes of members of groups traditionally excluded or persecuted.

Will was born and raised in Colorado, and is now serving as the Pastor of All Souls Church of Boulder.  Will is deeply passionate about our care and formation of our soul, authentic love for our neighbors, and seeking beauty.  In his free time, Will can be found fishing, reading Russian literature, biking, or drinking a good IPA.  He is married to Lauren; they have been greatly blessed with their son, Liam, and daughter, Ellie.

Selected links from the episode and other resources:

“Forgive Us – Confessions of a Compromised Faith,” by Mae Elise Cannon, Lisa Sharon Harper, Troy Jackson, and Soong Chan Rah

“The Road Less Traveled,” by Scott Peck

Prodigy Coffee – prodigyventures.org

All Souls Church of Boulder

Walter Brueggemann – official website: www.walterbrueggemann.com

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